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A long name shortly explained 

Realschule Is the type of school we are (as explained below). The Bildungszentrum (short “BIZE”) is the name of the school compound. Weissach im Tal is the community we are located in. 

What is special about the BIZE? 

The BIZE unites three different kinds of schools: Gemeinschaftsschule, Realschule and Gymnasium. Every kind works independently and offers different graduations. We use the sport facilities, library, lecture hall, cafeteria and many rooms more together. The close cooperation between the teachers and the principals makes us strong.      

What exactly is the Realschule?

This school offers graduation after class 10. The students are taught on a medium level. The advanced level can be gained at the Gymnasium after Realschule. 

We received our accreditation in 2022. We are motivated to discover other European countries and their schools. Job-shadowing, exchange programs and more is thinkable. 
The first Erasmus courses for teachers were taken in Ireland and Iceland. 
We have won new friends in Porto/Portugal to start an exchange within April 2023. 

Some more facts about our school our students want to share with you

Our school was built in 1975. There is just one floor, so people with physical disabilities won´t have problems. Right now, there are 1300 students. Our first lesson starts at 07.25 am and ends at 12.35. There are two big breaks. Lessons in the afternoon are possible once or twice a week. Typical lessons we have are German, English, Maths, Biology, Religious Education, Art, Geography, History, Physical Education and many more. 
After class six you can choose between three additional profile lessons. These are French, Technique or AES. AES is about daily life issues such as social behaviour or nutrition.  
We are never really bored at the BIZE. There is the “Freizeitpavillon” where you can play games like Air hockey, pool, darts or table football. There are special workshops like dancing, climbing, chess and many more. There are also project days, project weeks and many excursions. At the moment we are building a green classroom. 
When we have problems, we can go to the social workers.
The BIZE tries to give orientation on what job could be the right for you. Therefore, work experiences are mandatory.
Feel free to visit our school and get your own opinion.   

Ida, David, Joy, Lena, Jana, Hannah, Larissa, Sarah, Linn (class 10g)

April-October 2023: “Do it green” was the topic of the very first Erasmus project that we were involved in. It brought sixteen of our students to Porto. Twelve Portuguese students were able to visit us in Germany. A lot of preparation had to be done by the German and the Portuguese side, but the results were totally worth it. Workshops related to the students´ water footprint, the examination of water quality and how to upcycle clothes are just a small selection of what was done together.  

September 2023: 25 of our students took the chance to travel to Agerbæk in Denmark for the Erasmus project “Stereotypes”. Along with their Danish partners they created videos and posters for their own exhibition at the school. For this they even interviewed Danes in Aarhus. Great additional free time activities such as Legoland made this journey unforgettable.  

October 2023: Roman remains and a sailing course were combined in this project. Ten lucky students from Germany returned home happily as can be since our new partners in Terracina/Italy had organized an amazing week. Beautiful Terracina, Sperlonga and Rome will always have a special place in our students´ hearts.